About Us

On average the cost of college has been steadily increasing over the last 35 years. At some points increasing two to three times the rate of inflation. In-state tuition at a four-year public college cost approximately $2,100 in 1980 as compared to $9,075 currently. In addition, tuition at a four-year private college has more than tripled since 1980 when it cost on average $9,410 as compared to the current cost of $32,410.

With these startling statistics in mind, College Funding Professionals (CFP) and our team of professionals has been providing FREE educational financial aid workshops to parents in the tristate area for several years. Our approach and mission statement is simple;


“College Funding Professionals is dedicated to helping families plan and prepare for college in an effort to help them not to be solely reliant on student loans. We achieve our mission by helping them understand how colleges go about the financial aid process.

This knowledge will help position them in both the accumulation phase when their kids are very young and their planning for college. As well in  the application phase when their kids are in high school and they are preparing for college. The ultimate goal is to position the family to be  eligible for the maximum amount of financial aid available to help offset the astronomical cost of college.”


No matter if your family is making an average income or six figures, the information presented at our workshops will be of value.